the organ

On February 16, 2017 the Baldwin Piano and Organ Company of Herrin, Illinois delivered a Rodgers Trillium Masterpiece organ. Installation took four technicians eight hours followed by several return trips for tweaking and fine tuning of speakers and other equipment. The organ was dedicated during a special concert on Sunday, August 27, 2017.  See below the pictures for more information.

Unlike the 1962 Allen organ it replaced, the Rodgers organ is a digital instrument. That means the sounds you hear are actual recorded instruments and not an electronic reproduction. The Rodgers organ sound technology is basically a computer that has stored sounds. These sounds are recorded by using a cutting edge technology process of using eight or more microphones to record each note in each sound and uses digital imaging to produce a "field of sound."

The organ has the full range of brass, woodwind, string, and some standard pipe organ sounds such as principals and mixtures. It even has a 32' pedal pipe as well as a beautiful chime sound.