Facilities Use Policy and Request

Central Presbyterian Church believes that the church serves not only its membership but also the community of which it is a part. CPC desires to open its doors, literally and figuratively, in that spirit, to individuals and groups for special events where the requests have merit in terms of ministry, community service, and/or some connection to church members. Click HERE for the Facilities Use Policy and Request Form. 

application for use of facility - church-sponsored programs

Any committee or group, existing under and having been authorized by the Session of Central Presbyterian Church, shall complete an Application for Use of Facility for any activity that will be held in or on church property. Click HERE for the application for church-sponsored programs and activities.

Wedding policy and facilities use request

It is our pleasure to extend the facilities of Central Presbyterian Church to those who are planning to marry, members and nonmembers alike. Click HERE for our Wedding Policy and Facilities Use Request Application.

Funeral Policy and Facilities Use Request

Even for Christians, the death of a loved one is a difficult experience. Central Presbyterian Church will make its sanctuary and facilities available to members and nonmembers for a Christian funeral. Click HERE for the Funeral Policy and Facilities Use Request form.

child protection policy

The Central Presbyterian Church seeks to provide a safe and secure environment for the children and youth who participate in our programs and activities. Click HERE for our Child Protection Policy.